Here is the team as it stands, we are always looking for more help so if you are interested please drop us a message on the forums.
Brent (Project founder, former project leader, object modeller, web design, coder, mapper)
GameHacKeR (Current project leader, mapper, texture artist)

Past Contributors:

Apz Feak (Texture Artist, Map Object Modeler, Item modeler, Monster/weapon Skinner)
Pablo_messier (Mapper)
Neurological_1 (Doom Reborn Soundtrack)
Stine (GFX Artist)
Gazz (PR Support)
Striderdm1 (Beta Tester)


  Random Screenshot:
  Who wants to help set Doom Reborn free? We are looking for experienced  coders and modellers to help us recreate some of the remaining Doom 3 assets used in Doom Reborn so it can become a standalone game.


The main reason behind this is that it will expose the game to a much bigger audience.


If you can help us with this task please drop us a message in the forum.



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