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How To Fix Known Issue Graphical (Precompressed Textures)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 10, 2014 6:38 pm
by >>GameHacKeR<<
This issue is caused by the idtech4 engines precompressed texture function,
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open the console by pressing " ` " found on the left of "1" and type the following as shown and press enter, "image_useprecompressedtextures 0"
2.jpg (124.11 KiB) Viewed 8020 times

If the command has completed successfully meaning you haven't made any spelling mistakes,
Your line will just return to you as you've typed it and you'll be ready to continue
Other wise you'll be told something like "Error no "ImageUsBlecomblessedBlackures 9" found
Assuming everything has went ok type the following "vid_restart" and press enter as shown
Your screen will go black for a second and then audio will return and your screen will remain grey while it re-renders the scene again, This takes about 10-15seconds at most, but just wait
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After the screen returns the game should look like this :)
You should not have to do this again as long as you don't delete your Doomconfig.cfg in the DoomReborn folder, But you can update the autoexec.cfg with the command (seta image_useprecompressedtextures "0")
as shown in the next images
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This is how to add to the autoexec.cfg to prevent the issue happening again if
you delete the DoomConfig.cfg for any reason (Very Simple)

First find your DoomReborn folder in your Doom 3 folder (C:\Program Files\Doom 3)
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Open your Doom Reborn Folder and find the "autoexec.cfg"
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Right Click and open the autoexec.cfg
7.jpg (125.07 KiB) Viewed 8018 times

You'll be asked what program to use to open it, Select to choose the program to use
8.jpg (42.57 KiB) Viewed 8018 times

UNTICK the box to always use the program to open this file type again, and select notepad
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Add seta image_useprecompressedtextures "0" as show in the image
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Now click file and save, And that's you now sorted, precompressed textures will not be a issue again :)
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