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Engine Source Code Released - Posted by GameHacKeR on 2017-01-29 15:35:51 MST
Me & Jonny have now made the Engine Source code available from github
if your a c++ programmer and would like to help out grab yourself a copy now


Pre Beta Version 1.6 Released - Posted by GameHacKeR on 2016-12-24 02:45:24 MST
Pre Beta Version 1.6 Released Link -

Full list of changes

- What's New:

New Levels E2M5, Map09, E1M4b
(To get to E1M4b you have to find the easter egg in E1M3 or cheat by entering "Map e1m4b" in the command console)
(To get to E1M8b you have to find the easter egg in E1M7 or cheat by entering "Map e1m8b" in the command console)

I've (>>GameHacKeR<<) added new textures for the new levels and have removed alot of unused textures and old duplicates, i've also created parallax maps for various other textures and duplicated a couple of reinchards for
other wall textures where they can be used, I've also scaled up various models to make them more noticeable.

Alot of performance improvements have been made in many areas but futher improvements will be made in future releases

Jonny has fixed saves for this release but in this early stage of development you can only use quick saves (F5 quick save | F9 quick load)
Jonny has also been redoing alot of the code and has also added the red flash for when you get hurt but this is also still work in progress

Kept some changes from Dafama's mod for Doom Reborn Pre Beta Version 1.5 I don't know who I need to credit for the Doom 1+2 sound pack but
I do need to open the ".sndshd" sound files I suspect the sample rate is off because there is reported errors in the command console and the sound for
picking up armor shards doesn't work at the moment.

you can toggle between dafama's shader and WolfenTexure pack shader by pressing "R" at any time.

I've done alot of work to earlier levels, i'm not going to list all of them here, but the changes consist of various
light, texture, structure, performance, Changes.

E1M5 had a couple of structure changes and I (>>GameHacKeR<<) simulated the light goggles, most other levels had a couple of light&performance improvements and various texture changes.

There's probably even more things i've forgotten to include.

New original Doom updated midi's from Koitsu7 for E1M9 & E2M1

Updated normal and specular maps on a couple of textures by Robert Mccallister (aka R.G.M)

Knockback&Blob when being hit removed when using Jonny's .exe&.dll (Saves patch)

Pre Beta Version 1.5 Released - Posted by GameHacKeR on 2016-05-12 12:56:46 MDT
Pre-Beta Version 1.5 has been released
Only the ModDB link is available at the moment.

New levels E2M3 E2M4 E1M8b
Alot of new textures from Reinchard and parallax occlusion mapping from Wulfen texture pack for Doom 3

I hope yous enjoy this release :)
Don't forget if you's find a bug please report it at

ModDB Download Direct Download

Pre-Beta Version 1.4 Released - Posted by GameHacKeR on 2016-01-16 20:06:16 MST
Pre-Beta Version 1.4 has been released for Doom's Birthday :)
Only the ModDB link And Link is available at the moment.

I hope yous enjoy this release :)
Don't forget if you's find a bug please report it at
or alternatively in the forum

ModDB Download Link Direct Download Link Full Review

Pre-Beta Version 1.3 Released - Posted by GameHacKeR on 2015-08-18 00:20:49 MDT
Doom Reborn Pre-Beta Version 1.3
Has Just been released

Direct link:

ModDB Link: - Posted by GameHacKeR on 2014-12-16 22:54:56 MST
Translated by

News post was from 04 October 2014

Doom Reborn proceeds splendidly!

Remember Doom Reborn, one of the changes singleplayer for Doom III inspired by the first two chapters of the saga, that the aim is to recreate some of the levels more significant? The project, involving among others the well-known italian modder Neurological, as well as our former staff member, was interesting in the same way as other developed on the same lines, such as Classic Doom 3 and Doom II for Doom 3, however, distinguished for its originality.

At the end of the summer of 2007 was released a new alpha version, 0.80 , with which the project seemed to have taken a promising fold. However, due to various commitments of its creators, this release no longer had had followed, making believe to a large part of the community that the work would not be developed; thus it was in effect for about five years, until one of the mapper of the project, Gamehacker, has now taken up the work, leading to the release of two new versions: 0.81 in October 2012 and 0,815 in October 2013. Were We that the work of the modder was continuing to release 0.82 , expecting a timeline similar to that of the two releases immediately preceding.

AND instead, surprisingly, the development of the mod has had a net accelerated: the 0.82 was published the November 21, 2013, 0.83 in the first quarter of 2014, the 0.84 the May 14, 2014, 0,841 on 19 may, until the pre-beta version 1.0 , on September 9. There is also a new official site, managed by the new staff member Brent, to follow the updates, which is flanked by the traditional blog. And, like other similar projects, also this tip to standalone. As soon as possible we will make available this new version for download from our site, compliment her on her with the authors that are succeeding to relaunch successfully a project that looked abandoned.

Doom Reborn Pre-Beta v1.2 Released - Posted by Brent on 2014-12-13 04:18:24 MST
Although we announced the release of version 1.1 just a few days ago, we are releasing Pre-Beta v1.2. I felt there was a few minor things I needed to address rather than put them on hold till we have created new content for our next milestone release.

There are many new features that have been introduced since Pre-Beta v1.0, for more information checkout our development section in the forums.

Without further ado, here is the download for Pre-Beta v1.2.

Doom Reborn Pre-Beta v1.2 (File size: 298MB) Mod Of The Year - Posted by GameHacKeR on 2014-11-30 02:54:31 MST Mod Of The Year Contest has just started,
if you'd like to vote for Doom Reborn just go to the Doom Reborn page at

and click the "Vote for this mod" button at the top of the page and your vote will be counted you only get one vote so if you click the button on another mod you'll change your vote (Just pointing this out because no notification comes up alerting there was a change last year)

By the way, Thanks to voters have the chance to win giftcards the voters will be selected at random

More information I can share from the email I got from ModDB alerting me of the mod of the year contest

"Nominations run from December 1st to 11th, Top 100 from 11th to 21st and winners are announced around Christmas. Sponsors this year are Epic Games who have offered an engine subscription to the winners, and G2A.COM who have offered giftcards to voters picked at random. If you have any questions just respond to this email. Best of luck!"

PC Gamer Magazine - Posted by GameHacKeR on 2014-11-29 22:25:55 MST
My friend Robert McCallister noticed Doom Reborn had been featured in PC Gamer Magazine, I had heard it was named Mod of the week on the facebook and twitter page, I only hoped it would make it into the magazine and i'm still shocked it did,

I told Robert he HAD to pick me up a copy of the magazine and i'd pay him back when I got paid lol

But in the mean time I stopped in at the shop and took a picture on my phone lol

I'm still shocked, but heres the link to the image I uploaded to ModDB if you want to check it out :)

Many thanks again PC Gamer if you read this post :D

Scottish Geeks YouTube - Posted by GameHacKeR on 2014-10-24 12:06:08 MDT
This is a link to Scottish geeks on youtube.
"Quick Look At Doom Reborn"

i'm sharing this video again because I would like to see scottish geeks continue with this before me and brent get load and saves working in the mod.
Scottish geeks states in the video
"I'll do a series on this if enough people WHO AREN'T the creator of the game, give me enough likes and comments" lol

Since the time of this video me and brent have teamed up and done a couple of new versions so if you like the video and would want to see more click his like button and give him a comment if you want

He randomly did the video without my request, but I can't request more myself :( lol

Link to Video

Mod Progress:

Well since the active dvi-d to vga adapter broke i've done some work on the textures, i've tweaked a couple and added some more.
Like the lava shader for e2m1 etc

I've sent the broken adapter back and thankfully the guy is going to replace it for me

As soon as the replacement arrives i'll be working on the levels again and i'll get new screen shots up as soon as I have something ready :)

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  Random Screenshot:
  Who wants to help set Doom Reborn free? We are looking for experienced  coders and modellers to help us recreate some of the remaining Doom 3 assets used in Doom Reborn so it can become a standalone game.


The main reason behind this is that it will expose the game to a much bigger audience.


If you can help us with this task please drop us a message in the forum.



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